Content That Sells – How To Write Blog Posts That Tell Your Stories

Content marketers frequently run over an issue. The issue is creating volumes of content without compromising on the quality. That is hard. In the wake of writing down 1000+ words, your mind would presumably lose all the originality and you would just have the capacity to think of redundant and repetitive content.

In any case, hard doesn’t mean unthinkable. You could defeat this issue by following some straightforward tricks to write content that sells. It’s smarter to call them as you see it as fruitful writers utilize them and guarantee quality in their writing. Thus by taking in these procedures, you could likewise join their rank.

Research mode

Quality content requires thought and execution. A splendid thought can’t be understood on the off chance that it isn’t executed legitimately. Now and then experienced writers get themselves unfit to create great content simply because they need thought. Without thoughts, stuffs they write seem everyday and immaterial to readers.

Thoughts won’t fly up into your head on the off chance that you don’t examine. Believe it or not! A smidgen of research can help you with thoughts. Research incorporates;

Writing down the thought when you get it – We have a tendency to overlook this. On the off chance that present thoughts are not associated with past thoughts, the master plan couldn’t be taken a gander at. To remember thoughts along these lines, it’s best to scribble them down.

Bookmark site pages for reference – There’s a contrast between perusing the web and inquiring about the web. We scarcely do the last mentioned. To inquire about the web, you shouldn’t skim through site pages in the speed of light. Spotlight on them rather and read between the lines. On the off chance that you locate a specific page valuable, bookmark it for future utilization. At the end of the day, spare website pages as reference materials.

Utilize Social media – Social media systems are not just for distraction exercises. You can contact various individuals over informal communities and offer thoughts with them; contributions from them may enable you to change your current thoughts. Informal communities can be utilized for another reason.

Where is the uniqueness?

As a content writer, you are at risk to disclose to your audiences where you stand not quite the same as different writers. Thus, never at any point post duplicate content. Remember you are an extraordinary content writer but rather a brand. As each brand is not the same as the other, you have to fabricate a modified marking which would depend on a profoundly individualized style of writing, which ought to have the capacity to acquaint you with the reader notwithstanding when your byline isn’t unequivocally specified.

Talk about one point and focus on that

In the event that you bounce starting with one point then onto the next point, your readers may experience issues tailing you. In addition, it will be extreme for you to connect one a player in your article to another part. This thusly will increase the value of your content. So stick to just a single point.

Presently since the entire article would comprise of only one point, ensure you’re examining a main concern point. Altering is extremely basic here. Unless you remove sections and sentences that allude to unimportant focuses, you can’t adhere to the ‘one-point’ run the show.

Focusing on the length

A well thoroughly considered article should dependably have an adjusted proportion amongst profundity and length. In the event that the proportion is uneven, readers will either get a scrappy scope without adequate detail or a lot of detail for the space distributed. Both are terrible offering focuses for the content.

To keep up a fitting proportion, you have to first choose whether the article’s profundity would fit its length. There’s no compelling reason to extend the volume of the article pointlessly in the event that you are writing on a quick subject.

First sentence is important

Initial introduction is the last impression. So the principal sentence of the article is your most logical option. Shape the sentence such that it has an effect on the reader so the reader may get inquisitive to peruse whatever is left of the article or may frame a supposition and read through the article to approve the conclusion. Ensure the first sentence isn’t misdirecting in light of the fact that readers are probably not going to focus on whatever is left of the article in the event that they are delude at the outset.

No hype is needed

It’s a predominant misguided judgment that by making buildup, you could make readers attentive. Writers who write advertised articles are manipulative; they allude to anonymous sources and never uncover the wellspring of their data. Regardless of how enticing they will be, they neglect to persuade readers since readers are dependably confused about their cases. So stay away from buildup and keep it reasonable.

Continuously remember you are not attempting to win a writing competition here, you are endeavoring to write content that sells. Another vital thing to hold up under at the top of the priority list is web content is basically unique in relation to scholastic content.


On the off chance that you have examined who, what, where, why and when all through the article, at the nearby you should tell readers “so what.” For that, you have to condense your key focuses and educate readers plainly how they could profit by your valuable content. In the event that the article closes unexpectedly, it might neglect to persuade the readers. This would be lamentable for your battle as in the wake of putting all the exertion; you would wind up passing up a great opportunity for a planned lead.

Content Creation – How To Write Content That Is Valuable To Readers

A winner never stops and a loser never wins. So in this article, I will attempt to talk about couple of points on the best way to expand the traffic to your blog. In case you are new to blogging, planning to join the rank of a master, then you must read on

All it takes to write a blog is an imaginative personality and obviously a PC. Numerous wannabe bloggers have both yet neglect to direct people to their blogs. They ask why they are not fruitful in blogging. Unfit to discover reply, a large number of them quit blogging as they don’t know how to write content.

How to Drive Traffic to Your Blog?

You have composed a dazzling bit of content and you are sharing the connection to your blog post on interpersonal organizations. You expect a stream of traffic to your blog just by virtue of the nature of your post. In any case, have you at any point put forth the accompanying inquiries?

Will readers discover an incentive in the content?

It is safe to say that you are posting one of a kind content?

Is the content for a particular sort of readers?

Would they be able to take help of the content while performing something?

Content on your blog could be drawing in yet in the event that it needs one of a kind esteem or doesn’t take into account the requirements of a particular arrangement of readers, there’s not really any point writing it. Most bloggers don’t comprehend this and wind up overlooking the subjective piece of the content. They do it unconsciously as they frequently neglect to characterize quality.

Nature of web content, especially blogs has little to do with slyness of style and ornamentation of dialect. Quality ought to rather be characterized as far as freshness, lucidity and useful. The data, displayed on the blog ought to be of significant worth to readers.

Pulling in readers is easy

So now you recognize what makes a significant blog content. In the event that your blog posts are of such esteem, you will have a smooth time pulling in readers. However, consider the possibility that they are definitely not. What procedures would it be advisable for you to then apply to increase the value of your content, to make it one of a kind and to make it all the more speaking to the guests?

You have to make a schedule. The list needs to incorporate every one of the gridlocks that are frustrating you from writing quality content. Some normal impediments are inability to recognize readers, dishonorable correspondence with readers, and so on. To dispose of them, you require first to

Know your audience

Not every person is your reader. In fact they are, yet not in actuality. A case could enable you to comprehend this better. Assume your blog is on pipes. You could cut out a reader base from those, who need to purchase plumbing materials, the individuals who need to settle plumbing issues at their homes and the individuals who need to know costs to employ an expert handyman. Be that as it may, to individuals with vehicle agenda, your blog is barely of any significance. The term reader in this manner shouldn’t allude to a bland gathering however to a particular gathering.

You have to distinguish such a gathering of genuine readers and give them the data that they are looking for. This is a blogging fundamental yet tragically numerous start-up bloggers aren’t educated up.

Holding on to readers

When you distinguish your readers and begin writing for them, next thing you have to do is to hold them. Try not to give them a chance to withdraw from your blog. Holding your readers is as critical as discovering them. You can’t gouge out a reader base on the off chance that you don’t hold your current readers. For that you have to make your blog intelligent. Enable your readers to collaborate with you by means of posting remarks or via mailing you or even by associating with you through Google Hangout.

Consider yourself a CEO of an organization. You’ll do whatever it takes to hold your customers, won’t you? Adopt a similar strategy while tending to the readers on your blog. They resemble your normal customers. On the off chance that they leave your blog, you will lose potential readers if you don’t know how to write content, your ranking will dwindle and you will lose promoting income.

Uniqueness is the key

The significance of uniqueness needs to be legitimately comprehended. An extraordinary bit of content isn’t something that is simply copyscape endorsed. A genuinely one of a kind content is something that nobody else, however you are giving as it were. It’s exceptionally hard to write such content since all themes are secured by somebody or the other. What you could do is to write instructional exercise or how to type blogs and give readers new understanding. You can likewise procure hands on learning and offer it with readers on your blog. On the off chance that you are talking about a condition of a job, have a point of view that no one else has.


Applying the principles will give you return. You will see a devoted client base for your blog and the blog getting prescribed by existing clients to new clients. Actually, this is the manner by which bloggers can assemble notoriety. They begin with challenges, at that point recognize them and beat them; in the interim they continue sharpening their blogging aptitudes. Toward the end they discover their blog has figured out how to get a name for itself and readers from all corners are frequenting the site.


A Quick Guide to Content Marketing for the Beginners

Content marketing has become an essential part of any business. It’s a strategy that focuses on creating and sharing quality valuable, relevant content on various media to attract the target audiences.

The other goal of content marketing is to promote sales and earn more profits. There is a lot of competition when it comes to digital marketing. Understanding its various aspects will help you create an effective content marketing strategy. Businesses both large and small are now spending lot of money on digital marketing. According to a research, the global expenditure on digital advertising by 2020 will reach 335.5 billion. It goes on to show that how serious the marketers are taking the content marketing, which is an essential part of the digital marketing.

There is no doubt that if you want to survive the competition you will have to up the ante in your marketing strategy. Here is a quick guide on what content marketing is and what it includes:

  1. High Quality Content

One of the key elements of content marketing is high quality content. Content marketing can involve various media, but the online medium is the most important one. Due to the advancement in the technology and the increasing use of the internet on various devices a large part of content marketing takes place online.

Social media platforms, such as Facebook and twiiter have millions and millions of followers. This provides the perfect opportunity for the marketers to share their content with the target audiences. High quality contents get shared appreciated and ultimately helps in getting more traffic. The increase in website traffic can help you convert them to leads and ultimately into more profits.

  • Developing the Strategy

Content marketing strategy is essential for a successful campaign. As so many companies and brands are trying to catch the attention of the target audiences, it is essential to create something new. Quality content is the key here. Developing the right strategy includes creating your business goals, then finds the target audiences and then find out how your content sharing will help them. Your content should focus on informing, entertaining and finally offering a solution to the problem. With an effective strategy companies can take advantage of the online advertising.

  • Content format

Content format is essential part of your strategy. Blog is one of the most effective strategies used widely by enterprises and individuals. There are so many other types of content formats as well. Apart from blog, you can use content formats like newsletter, videos, ebooks, slideshare, infographics, whitepapers and more. Choose the format best suited for your business and be consistent with the posting. For instance, social media profiles need daily updates, sometimes more than twice a day. On the other hand, videos and whitepapers don’t need to be a regular thing. It is important to choose the right format.

  • Integrate SEO

No matter what the people say search engine optimization is still relevant. SEO can help you place your content at the right place and at the right time. It makes it easy for the target audiences to find your content online. From getting the traffic on your website to getting top ranking in the search engine pages, SEO can help in so many ways. SEO involves a lot of things like searching or the right keywords, using it to create content that are relevant to the target audiences and all. Integrating SEO into your content marketing strategy is essential for a successful campaign. Don’t ignore the benefits.

  • Social Media Strategy

Social media is one of the most useful medium for content sharing. It may be one of the formats you choose, but they are not optional. Social media sharing is mandatory for any business that wants to succeed in content marketing scenario. Developing content strategy for social media will require effort, expertise and consistency. You can also hire a professional team to do the job.

  • Review and Improvise

Content marketing is not a onetime thing. It is constantly evolving and new strategies need to be developed. It is important to review the strategy that you have implemented and see the results it offers. For example, facebook can show you how your individual post performed. Likewise, Google Analytics can help you review your content on your website and how you can improve it. All these tools are dedicated to provide you with stats to help you develop better content. This will help you improvise your strategy so that you can see better results next time.


These are some of the important component of content marketing that can help you reach your business goals and grow. No matter what kind of business you have you cannot stay on top of the competition without an effective content marketing.

Get started with your content marketing.

SEO Copywriting: How to Create Copy for Readers and the Google

The Ultimate SEO Copywriting Guide To Reach Your Goals Faster.

 SEO copywriting is an integral part of any SEO strategy.  Despite all the AdWords and paid SEO campaigns like PPC, content is the ultimate winner. Without providing quality content, your website cannot survive. When you focus on creating content that people are looking for, you can simplify your SEO strategy and see results that you want. .

Although, there is no particular rule that works when it comes to SEO copywriting, there are certain things that help make the content better and sellable. It is essential to create SEO-friendly content for your website, for your readers and provide them info they are looking for.

This article will discuss some of the essential things you need for your SEO copywriting strategy. These things really work when implemented in creating high quality content.

Understand What SEO Writing Is All About

Understanding what SEO writing is will help you in crafting a good copy. Search Engine Optimization is a technique of making the content relevant for the search engine so that your website can get better ranking in the search engine pages. Now, SEO copywriting task involves combining a great content and various SEO techniques. It’s about creating useful content for the readers using the relevant keywords, so that people can read and share them on social media platforms like the Facebook. It’s a method that can help you get better ranking in Search Engine like the Google.

Merely creating content isn’t enough. You have to make it marketable. Make it available to the readers. This can happen if you master the art of SEO copywriting.

SEO copywriting has many elements. These elements help in creating high quality content for the target audiences and make it relevant for the search engines as well.

Here are some of the SEO copywriting best practices:

  1. Write for the Search Engines – Keyword Research

When it’s says write for the search engine, it means write for the users. Search engines like the Google are working overtime trying to provide quality search results to its users. It’s essential that you fine-tune your website content to match those of the reader’s queries. The more relevant your content is the better.

Keyword search is an essential part of SEO copywriting. Keywords are the words that people use for finding information on the internet. Before you set out to write your content search the keywords people usually type in the search box relevant to your topic. SEO copywriting and Latent Semantic Indexing or the LSI keywords go hand-in-hand. While your main keyword focuses on your content, the LSI i.e. Latent Semantic Indexing provides you the chance to use alternative keywords that people are using for their searches. This also gives you the chance to reach more searchers.

Here is how you can do your keyword research for your SEO writing task:

  • Focus on Your Target Audience

When you are writing for your website, you must have a target audience. Suppose you are writing about cars. You target audiences would be anyone who owns a car, future buyer, car enthusiast and so on. You need keywords that target these people. For example: how to clean a car, how to maintain cars and similar type of keywords. You need to find out what are the requirements are. What are the information they are looking for.

  • Relevant to your blog or website

The keywords should always be relevant to your writing goals. What are you? What makes you different than others and what exactly you are trying to convey. Research keywords based on the topic you will be covering or have expertise in. Articles with targeted keywords get more visitors and hence help your blog or website rank well in the search engine pages.

  • Research Related Keywords or LSI

People search for same things but with different words. So it’s essential that you research the related keywords for your main keyword. One of the easiest ways to do the keyword research is type the keyword in the Google search. At the bottom of the search result page you will find many related keywords based on your search keys. These are called the LSI or Latent Semantic Indexing.

Here is an example:
  • Look for keywords with Better ranking

If you want to rank well for the SEO content, you will need to include those keywords that are ranking well. There are plenty of online tools for finding the keywords with high ranking in the search engine pages.  

  • Planning Your SEO Writing

Planning is the most essential part of the SEO writing. You need to create content on your website that are of high quality, easily readable and provides exactly what the readers want. For some writers, SEO writing comes easy while others have to work really hard for it.

Planning is one of the things that make writing easy. Planning includes:

  • Topic you want to write about
  • What are your goals for the article
  • Who is your target audiences
  • How you structure your content
  • Information you need to write your content
  • How many words you need to write

When you have these things in order, writing will become fairly easy. Structure of the content is the most important part. The structure ensures that the information you are sharing on your blog or website displays information for easy consumption by the readers.

Readers look for content that have headings and subheadings. Long articles do rank well in the Google search. But, it does not mean the readers read them all. Long form content means readers have the option of skimming the content. The subheading and bullet points make it easy for them to read and find information they are looking for. The structure of the article greatly depends on the kind of the content you are writing. How to articles look good when you have bullet points or short paragraphs with images to show how a particular thing is done.

So, choose a structure that best defines your topic you are sharing with your audiences. As you know SEO writing and LSI keywords go together, decide how you are going to use the keywords in your writing to make it look all natural and well structured.

  • Actually Writing the Content

When you are writing your SEO copy, it’s essential that you follow the structure for your writing. Any copy whether on paper or on digital media must have a few essential things:

  • Headline

According to independent studies, it was found that 8 out of 10 people will read your headline, but only 2 out of 10 will actually read your article or visit your page. This happens due to the headline. If your headline is great people will visit, if not, then the readers will not waste their time visiting the website. This means your article must have a strong headline. A simple rule for great headline is that it provides solution. Be specific and to the point. For example: 10 Workout Secrets For Women That Work.

  • Content

After the catchy headlines, the next rule in SEO writing book is the content itself. It is essential that your readers get their time’s worth of content. Provide them with the information they are looking for and the one that you promised in your headline. Don’t waste their time. Make sure the content matches their needs. In addition to that, use keywords phrases that the people actually type on the Google search engine. Make the content as relevant as possible.

  • Meta Descriptions

Meta descriptions are often underestimated. Even if it does not exactly help with the ranking, it does a great job of directing the readers/visitors to our page. So make sure that after you complete writing your SEO copy, you write a great Meta description. It should have the keywords and related phrases so that visitors can understand them better. But, if you combine the keywords and great description, Meta can help you get ranking in the search engine pages.

Look at this image:

Here the Meta descriptions have the Keyword in the title and in the description as well. This is a great example that shows that using keywords in the Meta description and optimizing your Meta can actually help your website rank well.

  • Using the keywords Wisely

Never make the mistake of not using the keywords in the required number or overusing it. You need make sure that keywords simply blend in with the content. The readers are not fools. If you spam the content with keyword stuffing you will be punished by both the readers and the Google of course. So make sure that you know how many times your keywords are featured in the content.

  • Optimize your Website

This has nothing to do with anything complicated. SEO writing greatly depend on how responsive your website is. It is essential that website is great looking and doesn’t take much time loading. If it takes more than a few seconds to load, you are going to lose visitors. So make sure that your website is well optimized.

  • Website Design

Did you know that the layout of your website decides how long your visitors will stay on it? It’s true. Websites that have a great layout and design have more visitors. This is a combination of great content and display. The Phrase: Don’t Judge a book by its cover” isn’t relevant when it comes to websites. You may have great content but if you want your visitors to come back again and again, make sure your website provides a personalize interface for the users.

bad vs good webpage design

  • Page Links

Page links are essential for making your website more relevant. The fact that the links are a way to find more information makes it even more relevant for your SEO writing. Share relevant links in your content so that readers can find more information. When you share high quality links in your website, you also establish yourself as a reliable and authentic source of information. So make sure you have it in your content.

  • Content Display

It is essential that you choose a great layout for displaying the content. You will find plenty of option in that regard. Make sure that images, info graphics or videos are well placed in the content and provide continuity rather than distraction. If you are using WordPress, you will find plenty of features and customization to work with. It is one of the robust CMSs in the world.

  • Ask for Feedbacks

One of the best ways to determine the effectiveness of your content is asking for feedbacks. Comments are very useful even the negatives ones. It will help you find out how relevant your content was for the readers. The next time you create content, you can use the points that were suggested and make your content more relevant.

  • Read and reply to comments if you want to build a long term relationship with your readers.
  • Answer questions in the comment section. It shows that you care. It is an essential part of your SEO writing technique.
  • Learn to indentify constructive criticism and unnecessary heckling.
  • SEO Copywriting is a Continuous Process

SEO writing is not a onetime thing. It is a continuous process. Everyday huge amount of content is uploaded on the internet. It is essential for a successful SEO copywriting that you stay current with the latest trends. Using the latest tools and techniques, make your content more relevant and stand out the crowd. In order to succeed in creating great SEO copy, you need to find new and innovative ways to make your content appealing to the people. Remember, the competition is high, so you need to maintain your competitive edge to stay on top of the competition.


SEO copywriting is an essential part of any website. While not everyone is great at it, with regular practice and over time anyone can improve and master the art of writing a great SEO copy.

Why The Google PageRank Still Matters? Read the Details.

Google page rank is still relevant today, and there are a considerable number of proofs to support the idea. Being one of the top search engines in the world, Google’s ranking can still influence your online presence, and hence your business.

As for why people think Google Rage ranking is dead, here is an image of Google’s Toolbar PageRank:


Source: SEL

In the image you can see the toolbar, which told about the Google PageRank of every page ever visited from scale from 0–10. Then, Google removed the Toolbar in 2016. But, that’s the not problem here. Google had stopped updating it for many years before removing it. It made many SEO experts to believe that Google Page Rank was dead.

Here is an example of what people thought about the PageRank:


Image Source –

There were many who thought likewise. But, the fact is Google PageRank is as important today as it was before. Here is the biggest proof of it, by the words of someone who works for Google:

Image Link

Image source –


It is not the only proof available. In a conference in Singapore, Gary Illyes spoke about the PageRank still being an integral part of their algorithms. He clarified that the removal of the Toolbar doesn’t have any bearing on the relevancy of the PageRank formula and algorithms.

The article will explore PageRank and how it is still a relevant SEO tactics. The article aims:

  • To provide you information and hard evidence of PageRank in 2018
  • Explain how the PageRank formula works
  • Other metrics used for PageRank

Let’s start with the Obvious Question – What is Google PageRank

If you are new to SEO or simply want to know what Google PageRank is, it’s the metrics or formula that calculates the “value of a page” of a website through quality and quantity of the link it has. It determines how relevant the website is for the searchers and the users.

The PageRank came into existence in 1997. It was a part of a research project at Stanford University and was initiated by non-other than the Google Co-founders, Sergey Brin and Larry Page.

Here is what they said about it back then:

“Our main goal is to improve the quality of web search engines.”

An interesting fact: Search engines weren’t as efficient as Google is now. Other search engines like Yahoo and Altavista weren’t that great with a very irrelevant search results.

Here’s an excerpt of what Sergey and Larry said about the state of search engines in their original paper:

“Anyone who has used a search engine recently can readily testify that the completeness of the index is not the only factor in the quality of search results. “Junk results” often wash out any results that a user is interested in.”

PageRank feature aimed at solving the problem of search relevance by using the citation or link graph of the web. Google co-founders were of the opinion that this feature was largely ignored, but it held a great importance.

How this brilliant idea originated?

The Co-founders of the Google used the method scientist used to ascertain the importance of scientific papers. A scientific paper is judged by the number of references it gets. The same formula was used where the website links shared on other website was tracked. It proved to be highly effective and that’s how Google came into being.



The Next question – How Does Google PageRank Work

The original paper published in 1997, explained the PageRank formula. You can read the original paper here

Here is the PageRank formula for your benefits:

“We assume page A has pages T1…Tn which point to it (i.e., are citations). The parameter d is a damping factor which can be set between 0 and 1. We usually set d to 0.85. There are more details about d in the next section. Also C(A) is defined as the number of links going out of page A. The PageRank of a page A is given as follows:

PR(A) = (1‐d) + d (PR(T1)/C(T1) + … + PR(Tn)/C(Tn))

Note that the PageRanks form a probability distribution over web pages, so the sum of all web pages’ PageRanks will be one.”

The formula describes how Google ranks websites. The three things that Google uses when calculating the PageRank are:

  • The quality and number of inbound links on the page
  • The number of outbound links
  • And, the ranking of each link

In simple words, assume that a page has two links and one link is stronger than the other one but with fewer outgoing links. The information is then fed to the PageRank algorithm to determine the rank of that page on Google.


Image Source –

The PageRank tool had one interesting factor that determined how important the rank was for any website.

Here is an image:


Image Source –

Now, this damping factor is crucial for understanding how the Google PageRank works. The page with the first rank on Google Search Engine page had the highest possibility of getting the click. The possibility of clicks decreases as you o down the rank pages. The second website below the first one may not get the number of clicks as the Website-1. Now, the probability of clicks decreases as you go down the page.

What was the reason for the removal of Google PageRank?

It’s the most important question of all. If Google ranking matters, then why the toolbar was removed from the Google result page?

Here’s the statement of a Google spokesperson said in 2016:

As the Internet and our understanding of the Internet have grown in complexity, the Toolbar PageRank score has become less useful to users as a single isolated metric. Retiring the PageRank display from Toolbar helps avoid confusing users and webmasters about the significance of the metric.

The statement clearly states that the Toolbar was creating problems, such as spam links. The PageRank factor was then considered as the biggest proof that the page was relevant and high quality. The toolbar displayed the ranking to the users, making people believe that it’s the only thing that mattered.

Other useful metrics were ignored and this also led to some various link-building activities, which weren’t helping the matter. Today, link-building has become a huge industry and people are buying and selling so called High PR links.


Image Source –

Here are some of reasons why the tool bar was removed:

  • Introduction of Nofollow attribute

Obviously, this affected the relevancy of the PageRank and it was not what Google had expected it to be. One of the biggest nuisances was the high PR link building tactics like blog comments. They were the unnatural links earned in the most devious ways.

Google then partnered with other Search Engine to tackle the problem and initiated the Nofollow attribute. Here is the official statement that explains it better:

Here’s an excerpt from Google’s official statement on the introduction of “nofollow”:

“If you’re a blogger (or a blog reader), you’re painfully familiar with people who try to raise their own websites’ search engine rankings by submitting linked blog comments like “Visit my discount pharmaceuticals site.” This is called comment spam, we don’t like it either, and we’ve been testing a new tag that blocks it. From now on, when Google sees the attribute (rel=“nofollow”) on hyperlinks, those links won’t get any credit when we rank websites in our search results.”

Now almost all CMS have introduced “nofollow” attributes that make any blog comment link irreverent.

  • PageRank sculpting

The unfollow attribute solved the problem of link spam, but only partially. Now, the same feature posed problem for the webmaster. Here is how:

Originally, the PageRank worked in a way that divided the ranking equally between the outgoing links on a page. For example, if a webpage has A ranking and had ten outgoing links, the PageRank will be calculate as A/10.

Now, if the webmasters used the nofollow attribute on 9 links out of the 10 links, the flow of PageRank transferred via the number of links will be one.

Look at the image:


Image Source –

The image clearly explains what was expected, but that didn’t last long.

The webmasters now manipulated the formula to drive high PR to their specific pages by selectively using the nofollow the links that deemed unimportant. Now, if they already had a high ranking page and they wanted to boost the ranking the ranking of specific page of their own website, they would link to High PR page and nofollow all the other links in the specific page. This would drive all the PageRank to that specific page.

Google made another change:

Here’s an excerpt from Matt Cutts’ blog post on the matter:


“So what happens when you have a page with “ten PageRank points” and ten outgoing links, and five of those links are nofollowed? […] Originally, the five links without nofollow would have flowed two points of PageRank each […] More than a year ago, Google changed how the PageRank flows so that the five links without nofollow would flow one point of PageRank each.”

And, this is what the new results looked like:


Image Source –

By now you know that whether a webmaster uses nofollow or not, the PageRank is equally divided among the links on the page. The page won’t earn any extra points by using nofollow deliberately.

  • Google removes the public PageRank score

Google removed the PageRank data from Webmaster Tools and stopped updating it way before it officially removed the Toolbar.

Here is what Google’s John Mueller said about using the PageRank:

“I wouldn’t use PageRank or links as a metric. We’ve last updated PageRank more than a year ago (as far as I recall) and have no plans to do further updates. Think about what you want users to do on your site, and consider an appropriate metric for that.”

The Toolbar PageRank was officially axed in 2016. Now, that there was no way of knowing the actual result of link building, the selling and buying of the High PageRank became very difficult.

Is There any Alternative to the public PageRank score

While there is no PageRank like metric available, there are various other metrics that are as good as the PageRank.

One such example is the Ahrefs’ URL Rating (UR). You can also check out other similar metrics by Moz and Majestic too.

Here is how the Ahrefs’ URL Rating (UR) works:

  • What is URL Rating?

“Ahrefs’ URL Rating (UR) is a metric that shows how strong a backlink profile of a *target URL* is on a scale from 1 to 100.”

You can check the rating of the URL in two ways:

By pasting the URL on the site explorer like here


Or you can use the Ahrefs’ SEO toolbar instead,


  • Similarities Between URL Rating (UR) and PageRank

URL Rating is very similar to the Google’s PageRank, but it’s not the same. The PageRank formula is safe with the Google and there is no way anyone can replicate it.

The URL Rating is similar to the PageRank in many ways:

  1. Counts links between pages;
  2. Use the “nofollow” attribute;
  3. Uses the “damping factor”;

The Ahrefs’ URL Rating (UR) crawls the web just like the Google to calculate the accurate URK rating of the website. It is obvious that Google has upgraded its PageRank formula and metrics, which is why it is the most preferred search engine in the world.

A quote from Matt Cutts,  on PageRank sculpting sums up the point:

“Even when I joined the company in 2000, Google was doing more sophisticated link computation than you would observe from the classic PageRank papers. If you believe that Google stopped innovating in link analysis, that’s a flawed assumption. Although we still refer to it as PageRank, Google’s ability to compute reputation based on links has advanced considerably over the years.”

  • Difference Between URL Rating (UR) and Google PageRank

Like the similarities, there are many differences between the URL Rating and Google PageRank.

Google has filed many patents for the algorithms it used for the ranking. But, that doesn’t make it any easier. No one can tell for sure what factors Google uses when ranking the pages. Every year, it changes its algorithms and metrics to rank websites.

Here is an image that illustrates the point


By the image you can see that Ahrefs’ crawler counts eight links to page B. But, that is just Ahrefs’ URL Rating does. Nobody can tell how Google does it. Counting of the links aren’t the only important questions.

Here are some of the points considered when rating the page:

  1. Role Played by Location of the Link on page

From the Google’s reasonable surfer patent it can be deduced that link location on the document influences the ranking.

If the link is higher up in the document, it may get more PageRank that one located down the page.


  1. The Relation Between the internal links and External Links transfer

The question arises whether the PageRank works the same way for both the internal and external links.

Google’s reasonable surfer patent offers some insight into it, there is no certain way of telling it. Although, it does indicate that internal and external links exert the same authority over the PageRank.

There is certainly no way of telling if the factor is part of the Google’s Live Algorithms.


  1. The Influence of First Link on the Page and subsequent links on PageRanking

It is possible to say that the first link on the website is considered for the scores of the page and the following links on the same site may be ignored. Bill Slawski said the same thing about the links.

Here is an image that shows the correlation between the links and their ranking value as compared to the subsequent links:


Image Source –

URL Rating (UR) is a fair alternative to the PageRank as it shares a lot of common features with the original formula. However, nothing is certain and predictable. So, it is advised that you not to rely on the URL Rating entirely. Follow it up by checking the links manually.

How to preserve and Improve your PageRank

Now, that it’s clear that Google uses Live Algorithms for ranking the pages and it’s still relevant. It is also clear that there is no way to determine how Google Algorithms work. The best thing you can do us work on your page and raise its quality using some of the proven methods:

  • Internal links: Relation between the links you use on your page and the ranking
  • External links: The important of external links and “nofollow” external links.
  • Backlinks: Preserve the backlinks

How to do internal linking

Interlinks are one of the important factors that can help you get the high ranking you want. Plus, you have full control over it. Here are some of the narrowed down internal linking strategies you can use:

  1. Keep important content as close to your homepage

Homepage of any website is definitely the strongest link on the site. It’s almost always the Homepage that gets ranking on the SERPs. Here is an example:


Why this happens? Here two reasons for it:

  • Most back-links usually point to homepages, which is higher than any page on your site.
  • Most of the pages on the website link back to the Homepage, making it the default page link for the website.

The closer you put your content to the Homepage, the more authority it will receive.

  1. Orphan page

What is orphan page?

Well, when a page doesn’t have any-links then it’s called as orphan page. The PageRank goes throughout the site using the internal and external links. It is important that a page is linked to and from one or more pages to get the best PageRanks.

One of the ways of finding the orphan pages is finding all the web pages on your website. You can extract the pages from your sitemaps. You can crawl your website using the Ahrefs’ Site Audit tool and export the report.


Now, you can compare the reports to find the URLs that were not covered by the crawl. Those links will be your orphan pages. Fix them by interlinking to them or simply removing them from the list if they are not important.

How to Do External Linking

Linking your page to external sites will only help you improve the ranking. External sources links of high ranking websites can help you boost your own ranking. Plus, you visitors will also associate you with the resource for high quality content.

But, sharing more links on the page can have negative effect. The more links you have in your page, lesser will be the value of each link. That’s how it works most of the time. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t share the links. Google will not appreciate it as it looks manipulative and suspicious.

The existence of external links is itself a proof that you should use it and it has some value. Only make sure it is of high quality and relevant to the visitors.

Here are some of the ways you can sue external linking on your site:

  1. Don’t “nofollow” external links unnecessarily

The “nofollow” attribute shouldn’t be used all the time.

Here is what Google said about it:

“In general, we don’t follow them. This means that Google does not transfer PageRank or anchor text across these links.”

Some of the top ranking and popular websites, such as Forbes and HuffPosts have a “nofollow” rule for all the external links on theire website. They have good reasons to do so. Most of the writers were secretly selling links and that hampered the image of those sites. They wanted to be true to their readers.

That does not mean everyone has to do it. External links are crucial for PageRank and you should not sacrifice it. You can ensure the quality and reliability of the external links in a few ways, such as:

  • Use “nofollow” attribute to links that originate from questionable pages
  • Use “nofollow” for links that come from a “sponsored post:”


  1. Repair the broken external links

Broken links can be a deal breakers for your readers or users. Here is an example of broken link:

Image here

You already know that every external link on your page has PageRank value. Now, if the link is broken, it is of no use to you and your readers. The broken links can reduce the value of rest of the links on the page.

Here is how you can fix your broken external links:

  • Find all the external links first on your website. Use the site explorer to find the broken links in your website: Site Explorer -> -> Outgoing links -> Broken links.
  • Replace the broken links with fresh ones or simply remove it.

How to Boost Ranking with Backlinks

Back-links are essential for PageRank. But, not all the backlinks are relevant to Google, which looks at various factors to determine the actual value of the links. So, how can you ensure that your backlinks are counted for?

Here are some of the ways you can benefits from your backlinks:

  1. Build links from high‐UR pages

Since, PageRank flwos from pages to pages, a low-authority website can benefit from the link from high-authority website.


  1. Fix broken pages that waste “link juice”

Backlinks are precious thing that boost authority of the page as well as internally-linked pages on the site as well. Broken page links are hindrance to the Pagerank since the flow stops. Therefore, it is essential that you fix the broken links.

Final Thoughts

While most of the SEOs may think that Google PageRanks isn’t relevant anymore, it’s just the opposite. It is still one of the best SEO practices that helps authentic website get the ranking it deserves.

Without obsessing about the PageRank, you can work on quality building links, pay attention to the internal links structure and include external links. This way you can optimize the website for PageRank and have a win-win situation.

Content Writing Tips for Corporate Blogs – Keeping It Real & Unique for Customers

Information based content is the most established type of data in the web and when we say information based content, it essentially demonstrates a blog, where you would discover data, tips and reviews all tossed into the plate for the readers to enjoy. In any case, nowadays the web is so stuffed with individual blogs that it’s very difficult to discover corporate blogs.

Be that as it may, corporate blogs do exist close by individual blogs, and there’s a justifiable reason behind why a nice looking number of readers get influenced and a kick out of the chance to read such blogs. In this article I will clarify you the significance of content for corporate blogs and how to influence it to stand out from the rest.

Pertinent content

Be it a blog or anything in the web, pertinence has its place. Corporate blogs are the main spaces where you are guaranteed to discover profitable content. You know you can rest completely guaranteed the content will be absolutely pertinent. It’s not hard to think about why; the readers hail from the corporate segment themselves.

Corporate blogs work as learning gateways. Brand administrators, CEOs and other corporate chiefs drop by those blogs to refresh their insight base. As a rule the cooperation amongst readers and bloggers (corporate strategists) prompt new and productive techniques. In the event that the content isn’t applicable, the blog’s notoriety will go down in the speed of light. What’s more, that is essentially in light of the fact that the blog is for an elusive specialty. Never write insignificant content in the event that you need your corporate blog to be fruitful. Constant connection with readers will enable you to pick up specialist and regard.

Never publish the best content

It doesn’t require much issue to comprehend why. Since corporate blogs are for a little specialty, your chances of getting less number of guests are high. That implies your most stunning bit of content will be perused by just a modest bunch of readers. You positively don’t need that, isn’t that right? The best activity is to distribute your best content for corporate blogs with expertise.

The said sites get a lot of visits ordinary. Your best posts from this time forward will be read by a decent number of readers. In the event that they discover your posts enlightening and fascinating, they will need to peruse more. Along these lines you could drive them to your own particular corporate blog. On the off chance that you think this is a web based advertising methodology in mask of a lesson for corporate blogging, admirably it is.

There’s definitely no point if a superb bit of content isn’t perused by an alluring number of readers. In the event that your corporate blog is new and low-went by, distribute your best content on destinations that are exceptionally gone to and direct people to your blog from those locales.

Will your readers buy?

When you are dealing with a corporate blog, your readers are business individuals and you realize that. Regularly corporate bloggers need to offer a product/service and buy that product through their blogs. On the off chance that you additionally have that aim, you should figure out how to influence your readers how to purchase.

The benefit of running a corporate blog is that your readers are effectively agreeable. Being a piece of the business, they comprehend what their prerequisites are and are prepared to offer a payload in the event that you could meet those necessities. You have an incredible chance to offer your product/service through a corporate blog. Try not to miss it.

Consistency is the key

When you are writing for corporate readers, consistency is the key. Bloggers regularly turn out to be so urgent for traffic that they overlook they are veering off from a portion of the essential standards of corporate blogging, one of which is consistency.

To seem steady to your readers, you should post all the time. You likewise need to take after a specific style of writing so consistency is kept up. Corporate readers won’t follow amount, they need quality. So never be conflicting.

Create a connection with readers

Until the point when you construct a connection with your readers, your niche into blogging will be deficient. You may believe it’s hard to construct connection with corporate readers. The truth is precisely the inverse.

Corporate readers are more patient than your normal readers. They’ll read every single line with minute consideration. In the event that they have anything to ask, they’ll post it in the remark segment. To connect with them in a discussion with you, you should give them plentiful approaches to impart.


They need to have the capacity to see your mail id. It’s prescribed on the off chance that you share connects to your LinkedIn profile on your blog. Having in excess of one suggestion to take action option won’t hurt, rather it will make ready for a superior connection.

It’s really less demanding to assemble connection with corporate readers than ordinary readers, in light of the fact that corporate readers mean business. So there you are. These are the five handpicked tips for writing quality corporate blogs. Take after those tips and lure your readers.

A Simple Guide to Understanding Ghost Writing & Guest Post

Ghostwriting is something that has been there for centuries. From writing literature to history to memoirs to everything, ghostwriting has been used since forever. Now, the ghostwriting is being widely used in content marketing as well.

In the modern time ghostwriting is usually associated with writing for the celebrities. Ghost writers write for them and the celebrities take the credit for it. Of course the writers are handsomely paid for it. Ghostwriting can be a great strategy for content marketing just like the guest posts. Both have proved their capabilities in helping getting the content right attention.

This article will walk you through what ghostwriting is and how it can help you grow your business:

What is Ghost Writing

Ghostwriting is a concept where someone else gets the credit for writing other than the writer. Writers are hired for writing a blog or any types of content for which they do not get credit or recognition except the money. It is published under someone else’s name. It can be an individual or a company that hires a ghostwriter. There are many reasons for hiring the ghost writer.

Reasons for Hiring Ghost Writers

There are many reasons for hiring ghost writers. Companies and celebrities do this all the time. The things you read on the magazine, website or on a book by some famous people may not be written by them at all. You can only know about it if they publicly admit it. Two of the main reasons why people hire ghost writers are lack of time and lack of expertise or interest in writing it. Some businesses are growing fast and they can no longer handle the content writing on their own. So they need writers to do the job for them.

Ghostwriting and Guest Posts

Guest posting is one of the best ways to build up your portfolio and credibility as a writer. If you are a blogger or content marketer, guest post can help you reach your audiences. In guest post you write for other websites or blog and get the credit for it. Ghostwriting is the opposite of it. You may write for another website or blog but you will not get the credit for it.

How ghost writing and Guest Post is Beneficial

Both ghostwriting and guest post are beneficial for any business or individual like blogger. As a writer you can gain by ghostwriting. You can build up a portfolio as a writer and add to your experience. As a company, by outsourcing the content writing job, you can outsource the job to other writer and get the credit for it. For writers who are looking to gain experience in writing and earn money will find ghostwriting perfect. On the other hand guest posts helps a blogger or content marketer reach more audiences by sharing their content on other’s blog and get a back link.

Ghost Writing can Enhance Quality

In case you are not comfortable writing or lack time or talent for it, ghostwriting can be your source for sharing quality content with the audiences. You can hire the best writer who has the expertise in the field and help you in creating quality content on daily basis. It also saves a lot of time and effort. With a ghost writer at your disposal, you can even write content for guest posting. Ghostwriting can help your in many ways and it is an effective way to share quality content with the audiences.

Ghost writing Is a Cost Effective Method

Ghostwriting isn’t expensive as many would like to believe. There are many writers available on the market with flexible pricing. As a ghostwriter, you can always land client who is willing to pay well in return for quality work. In both the situation it’s a win-win. In the content marketing scenario, ghost writing and guest post can both make a huge difference.

Hiring the Ghostwriters

Now that you know what the benefits of ghost writing are and guest post writing as well, you can now proceed to hiring. Hiring can be easy. You can hire professional ghostwriters from  an agency that offers the services. Or you can hire individual writers in the niche field from the vast list of independent writers.

Here are the few things you can consider while hiring them:

  • Experience
  • Expertise
  • Portfolio
  • Referrals
  • Communication
  • Online presence or social profiles
  • Reviews
  • Price

These are some of the considerations that can help you hire the best ghostwriters for your need. You can also add your own requirements for your need.


Ghostwriting and guest posts are one of the best content marketing strategies that can help you achieve your goals faster. They are both effective way to create and share quality work with the target audiences.

Hire your ghostwriter now!

Press Release & Technical Writing – Why You Need It

People regularly use the internet for finding information. The time people spend on the internet has increased from the last few years. According to stats a person on an average spends 135 minutes on the internet mostly on social media like the Facebook every day. From a marketer point of view this provides the perfect opportunity to share information and generate interest.

There are many tools, formats and information that a company or business can use to promote their business. Press release and technical writing is one of the many techniques that can help you achieve your goals. Both press release and technical writing are more of a news, support and assistant kind of thing. They are not directly associated with selling products. Nevertheless, they are one of the effective tools for digital marketing.

This article will tell you about press release as well as technical writing and how they can benefit you in achieving your goals:

What is Press Release?

You can define press release as official announcement of your new product or services. Here you provide a written statement with vital information that media outlets like print, television and internet can create news out of it. It’s a great way to reach your target audiences. Unlike blog or article, press releases are more formal and generally accepted as the direct statement from the company. So, if you want authentic coverage for your business then press release can be your ticket.

What is technical Writing?

Technical writing is now defined as documentation of complex technical process broken down into easy, simple and consumable content. It can include pure technical information like user manuals, or reports for the industries like high-tech manufacturing, engineering, biotech, energy, aerospace, finance, IT, and global supply chain. Technical writing includes writing reports, emails, policy, briefs, and press releases. The goal of technical writing is to provide simplified and clear understanding of the complex subject matter.

Benefits of Press release for your Business

Press releases are still relevant and can help your business in many ways. It is one of the best ways to get the word out there. Press releases are formal statements that remain in the public domain and provide information to your target audiences. It also helps you stay in public eye and their mind. PR highlights the best points of your product or services, which can make your product standout and stay on top of the competition. It also helps in generating new leads by appealing to the target audiences. Branding is another benefit of PRs. Lastly the PRs are published in many sites, which can bring more traffic to your website.

Benefits of Technical Writing for your Business

For businesses in the technical industries such as software, machinery, engineering, energy etc, technical documentation is a way to reach larger audiences. While the developer may be comfortable writing for their peers, B2B and B2C communication requires different form of writing. Technical writers simplify the document so that everyone can understand them easily. For example, user manuals are prepared to provide detailed instructions on how to use the product. It’s one of the best ways businesses can provide information and support to the target audiences and build credibility, trust and profit.

Creating High Quality Content

Both press release and technical writing are ways to create high quality content for sharing. In the content marketing scenario, high quality content with detailed information on the product and services attracts more customers. Both the form of documentation requires immense research work and quality writing so that it can get accepted by a wide range of media outlets. People often look at the press releases for new information on products and technical documentation as a guideline to use the product. This way you can build a strong customer base.

Indexed by major search engines

Through technical writing and press releases, your website and content can get indexed by major search engines such as, Google, Yahoo and Bing. From the search engine point of view, you can gain by featuring Google News, Twitter, and the Press Release Wire website. This is one of the most effective digital marketing tactics that can work wonder for your business.

Approaching Technical and Press Release Writing

As mentioned above, both the form of documentation requires high quality content creation. For this purpose, you can do it yourself if you have the required knowledge and expertise. Or you can outsource the job to more suitable candidate or agency. The later is much better option as it will take pressure off you and leave you with more time for your business. You can rest assured that the quality of the content will be high, relevant to today’s demands and meet your expectations.


If you are a business or individuals offering products and services, don’t overlook the importance of press releases and technical documentations. They are both important and effective tool for digital marketing.

Get started now.

Planning & Writing Your Content to Have Maximum Effect on Your Audience

You may have heard this expression “Content is the key” a great deal, yet regardless of how often you hear it, that is the hard truth of the present Google driven reality. By saying Google I didn’t estrange the various, significant web search tools out there, they are there, yet let’s be honest each search engine does everything to remain in the best positions in Google; they do everything to conciliate Google.

The fate of business promoting has seen an entire move after Google began giving more significance to content. What I have seen so far is that you can achieve the best with no fits of rage by simply having a site loaded with rich content. This is the sole reason why you need to consider planning your content for getting the desired results.

Content is the ruler, not simply in paper, but rather in all actuality

Better and subjective content has appeared to work ponders for the sites which such huge numbers of other website optimization procedures couldn’t set out accomplish. Businesses have estimated the estimation of advanced advertising and realize that a brand that is absent online may not work by any stretch of the imagination. This is the reason businesses today are working so difficult to enhance their image mindfulness through content advertising.

Sites have immediately held onto content advertising as their tickets to the best spaces in the real web indexes. At the point when Google uncovered that its Panda calculation examined he sites’ content to rank them, businesses ran wild to change their content to suit the criteria of the Panda calculation.

Strategizing your content is significant for your business development

Albeit content showcasing has held the business world to improve the situation, without strategizing, you don’t stand a possibility in the ocean of rivalry out there. Strategize your content promoting to accomplish better outcomes and increase the value of your audience. At exactly that point you can catch everyone’s eye and pull in Google’s consideration.

Many individuals think about whether content is without a doubt the sole fixing to enhance your online image mindfulness. What’s more, the appropriate response is a major yes! At the point when your site has rich useful content, it will probably hold the potential client’s consideration for a more drawn out period that may at last outcome in the potential client transforming into a real client.

How about we take my article for instance, on the off chance that you wouldn’t think that it’s intriguing and enlightening, will you remain with me? I think not, similarly the content is the main thing that attracts the clients; the content’s visual interest is gigantic. At the point when individuals discover great content, they stay and focus; it is the fundamental human nature, they are attracted by engaging content for sure.

Utilizing diverse techniques to catch your client’s needs and putting that data in your site that you know will hold your client’s consideration isn’t an extravagance, rather it is a need. Today your content promoting can flop severely in the event that you don’t design it legitimately and make it to focus on your audience.

Increasing the value of your audience’s existence with content

Likewise whatever you do, absolutely never lose your consistency in content distributing. Why you inquire? Well individuals jump at the chance to visit sites that produces subjective content all the time; they don’t love a site that is a onetime wonder. Likewise you should dependably think along the line of how to enhance your audience or reveal to them something new on the grounds that they are constantly hoodwinked with content both on the web and disconnected.

Continuously center around three things while you are making your content which is your intended audience, the necessities of your intended audience and what’s your story. On the off chance that you consider planning your content and your content concentrates and highlights these three pointers at that point there is no halting to your blog’s success that’s for sure. You have served your audience what they require on a silver platter, what more they need and how might they not return to you.

This infers you strategize, make and them execute your content to showcase it appropriately to your audience. Do this and perceive how quick your prosperity rate is and how adored you will feel by Google. Distributing important and rich content that offers an audience is the way to a business’ prosperity.


At the point when your audience is presented to such content, they will return and in doing as such they enhanced your online nearness, as well as enhanced your business through high snap rates. You can confront numerous difficulties when you are making your content. The time has come to put your reasoning top on and create some content that will acquire you a spot in your client’s heart.