7 Website Content Writing Rules to Follow for the Best Results

Your website is the face of your company, digitally representing it on the internet. If the content on your website isn’t up to the mark, your business might lose sales no matter how great your products or services are.

If you look at the e-commerce websites like Amazon or eBay, you will see that their website content are fresh, informative and has laid out information for easy consumption. That is what every website needs no matter what industry you belong to. Website content writing is essential for gaining back-links, more shares, and customer loyalty. So, it’s essential that you up the ante when it comes to creating website content that sells.

How to write great website content?

Here are some of the best website content writing rules you can follow to create a great content:

#1 – Keyword is important

Writing website content without a focus keyword is like running around aimlessly. Your ultimate goal for writing content should be about getting found by your target audience. Your visitors use keywords in the search engine to find information related to your business. If you don’t use the keywords, how will they ever find you? SEO keyword research is an important part of the digital marketing that allows you to optimize your content for the Google, so that your target audience can easily find you.

#2 – Impressive Homepage

home page
The homepage is an important part of website design as it gives your visitors the first impression of your brand.

The first thing your visitor sees is your home page. It’s like your living room where you invite your guests. So, it’s important that your website homepage is as impressive as it gets. It needs to be welcoming, informative and solution provider. It should have the name of your business, information on what you do, where you are located and what are the services and benefits you provide. Before they know about your product page, it is essential that they know who you are and how they will get benefit from your website.

#3 – Use Visuals

It is essential to have words that instantly connect with the audience. But, you can make your words more pertinent and relevant with the visuals. Whether it’s the images, videos or graphics, the visuals inspire more reactions than the words alone. It is essential to complement your website content writing with relevant images. Whether it’s the home page, product page or your blog, utilize the power of visuals and see the difference it can make to your content strategy results.

#4 – About Us Page – Its Story Time

Your about us page is the best way to tell your story. Nothing sells like a great personal story. For example, you have a finance website or blog; tell the audience what inspired you to start it and what kind of struggle you went through. When you put your journey into a beautiful story, you can make instant connection with your target audiences. Every other person struggles with finances and with your story you can make them feel like they are not alone. Use keywords that are relevant to your niche and SEO keywords search. When you combine the technical aspect with humane story, you have a great combination for a website content writing.

#5 – Use SEO Best Practices

Apart from writing a great content, it is essential that you use SEO best practices. SEO helps in making your content rank well in the search engine pages, make your visible and helps you reach your target audiences. Use tools like Google Analytics to find out how your website is performing. The tool can help you determine the things your website content is lacking, so that you can work on it and fix the content. From the focus keywords to keyword density to the Meta descriptions, you will need to a whole lot of things to make your content relevant.

#6 – Call to Action

call to action
Here’s a slide-in call-to-action that caught my attention from Evernote

The ultimate goal of any website is to convert. Whether you want your visitors to buy things from your website or want them to sign-up for your newsletter, a perfect call to action is needed. It is essential to write website content that is persuasive enough to make the visitors take some action. Make sure to add banners or buttons on the web page to make it easier for the readers to find it.

#7 – Hiring Professional Writer

It’s important that your content is personalized to make the audiences connect with it. But, if you think you cannot optimize the content as per the requirements, you can outsource the job to professional writers. It’s one of the best ways to make your content both rich in information as well as optimized for the search engines like Google. You can also learn the skills and implement them into your strategy. For the beginners, getting professional help is much better option.


Website content writing is essential for any business. It helps in making your business have a strong online presence. With the right content writing strategy, you can easily make your website rank well in the SERPs and also grow your business.

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