A Simple Guide to Understanding Ghost Writing & Guest Post

Ghostwriting is something that has been there for centuries. From writing literature to history to memoirs to everything, ghostwriting has been used since forever. Now, the ghostwriting is being widely used in content marketing as well.

In the modern time ghostwriting is usually associated with writing for the celebrities. Ghost writers write for them and the celebrities take the credit for it. Of course the writers are handsomely paid for it. Ghostwriting can be a great strategy for content marketing just like the guest posts. Both have proved their capabilities in helping getting the content right attention.

This article will walk you through what ghostwriting is and how it can help you grow your business:

What is Ghost Writing

Ghostwriting is a concept where someone else gets the credit for writing other than the writer. Writers are hired for writing a blog or any types of content for which they do not get credit or recognition except the money. It is published under someone else’s name. It can be an individual or a company that hires a ghostwriter. There are many reasons for hiring the ghost writer.

Reasons for Hiring Ghost Writers

There are many reasons for hiring ghost writers. Companies and celebrities do this all the time. The things you read on the magazine, website or on a book by some famous people may not be written by them at all. You can only know about it if they publicly admit it. Two of the main reasons why people hire ghost writers are lack of time and lack of expertise or interest in writing it. Some businesses are growing fast and they can no longer handle the content writing on their own. So they need writers to do the job for them.

Ghostwriting and Guest Posts

Guest posting is one of the best ways to build up your portfolio and credibility as a writer. If you are a blogger or content marketer, guest post can help you reach your audiences. In guest post you write for other websites or blog and get the credit for it. Ghostwriting is the opposite of it. You may write for another website or blog but you will not get the credit for it.

How ghost writing and Guest Post is Beneficial

Both ghostwriting and guest post are beneficial for any business or individual like blogger. As a writer you can gain by ghostwriting. You can build up a portfolio as a writer and add to your experience. As a company, by outsourcing the content writing job, you can outsource the job to other writer and get the credit for it. For writers who are looking to gain experience in writing and earn money will find ghostwriting perfect. On the other hand guest posts helps a blogger or content marketer reach more audiences by sharing their content on other’s blog and get a back link.

Ghost Writing can Enhance Quality

In case you are not comfortable writing or lack time or talent for it, ghostwriting can be your source for sharing quality content with the audiences. You can hire the best writer who has the expertise in the field and help you in creating quality content on daily basis. It also saves a lot of time and effort. With a ghost writer at your disposal, you can even write content for guest posting. Ghostwriting can help your in many ways and it is an effective way to share quality content with the audiences.

Ghost writing Is a Cost Effective Method

Ghostwriting isn’t expensive as many would like to believe. There are many writers available on the market with flexible pricing. As a ghostwriter, you can always land client who is willing to pay well in return for quality work. In both the situation it’s a win-win. In the content marketing scenario, ghost writing and guest post can both make a huge difference.

Hiring the Ghostwriters

Now that you know what the benefits of ghost writing are and guest post writing as well, you can now proceed to hiring. Hiring can be easy. You can hire professional ghostwriters from  an agency that offers the services. Or you can hire individual writers in the niche field from the vast list of independent writers.

Here are the few things you can consider while hiring them:

  • Experience
  • Expertise
  • Portfolio
  • Referrals
  • Communication
  • Online presence or social profiles
  • Reviews
  • Price

These are some of the considerations that can help you hire the best ghostwriters for your need. You can also add your own requirements for your need.


Ghostwriting and guest posts are one of the best content marketing strategies that can help you achieve your goals faster. They are both effective way to create and share quality work with the target audiences.

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