How to Create a Killer Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social media platforms like the Facebook are a powerful tool for promoting your business and generating interest in your brand. For small businesses, social media marketing can help them achieve their goals faster without spending a fortune on them.

Creating an effective social media campaign will require you to integrate a few essential things. Social media content is easy to create, but randomly throwing a few pictures on Instagram or Facebook will not give any results. You will need to create a strategy that includes your business goals, target audiences and how you are going to place yourself.

Here are some of the effective social media content strategies that you can follow:

Choose the right Social Media Channels

Now there are hundreds of social media channels and you don’t need to be on every one of them. Only a few of them are effective when it comes to getting the desired results. Some of the best social media profiles include Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest. These channels have dominated the social media marketing like no other. If you like you can add to the list. One of the easiest ways to choose the channel is to understand the benefits of each profile and see how they fit into your content strategy.

#1 – Setting Goals

Your social media content should be directed towards achieving your goals. You should be clear on whether you want to push sales or generate interest for branding purposes. Setting goals makes it easier for you to create content for your social media platforms. And, remember, every social media platform has a different need. For example, Instagram and Pinterest are more about visuals than words. So you will need to take great and high quality pictures that will catch instant attention.

#2 – Keep a watch on the Keywords

Keywords play an important role in digital marketing, whether you are doing search engine optimization or social media marketing. You can create Google alert to see how the keywords are being used by your competitors. This is an important aspect of creating a killer social media content. Do a thorough research for the keywords for your niche market and focus on creating content based on those keywords.

#3 – Be Consistent

It is important that you stay consistent with the number of posts you send every day, daily updates will keep the followers updated on your new content. It is important that they remember you. With so many brands and companies fighting for the customers’ attention, it’s easy for people to forget about a brand. It is important that you provide your follower with the right content so that they are eagerly waiting for your next update. Generating interest and loyalty in your target audiences is essential.

#4 – Finding your target Audience

Know where you can find your target audiences and what they are sharing. This will give an idea of what you need to share next. Join groups and communities to see what the members are posting. This is one of the best ways to find out what the target audiences are talking about most. Interaction is one of the most effective ways to help and influence people and offer them solutions they are looking for.

#5 – Google Analytics and Social reports

The two tools can help you see the areas you need to work on. You will get the report on how your website or post performed and what area it failed. With the available data you can actually create better content and improve the stats. Using the tools like the Google analytics and social reports should be a part of your strategy if you want to succeed in your social media campaign.

Do You Need An expert help

Not everyone can master the art of social media content marketing strategies. This is fine. Taking help of the experts is one of the best ways to see the desired results. If you can master the skills and strategy on your own, it’s even better. No one can understand your business more than you.

Social media experts have all the tools, knowledge and the right team for creating a strategy that will work for your business. They know the latest trends, how to implement the tools and they can also help you identify which social media platform is right for you. It also saves you time. You can focus on your business while outsourcing the task to a team. Weigh the pros and cons to determine whether you need the help or not.


A lot of things go into making social media content a success. You need to develop a strategy that works for you. Hiring a professional help is also a great option. Implement some of the strategies and see the difference it can make to your results.

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