Press Release & Technical Writing – Why You Need It

People regularly use the internet for finding information. The time people spend on the internet has increased from the last few years. According to stats a person on an average spends 135 minutes on the internet mostly on social media like the Facebook every day. From a marketer point of view this provides the perfect opportunity to share information and generate interest.

There are many tools, formats and information that a company or business can use to promote their business. Press release and technical writing is one of the many techniques that can help you achieve your goals. Both press release and technical writing are more of a news, support and assistant kind of thing. They are not directly associated with selling products. Nevertheless, they are one of the effective tools for digital marketing.

This article will tell you about press release as well as technical writing and how they can benefit you in achieving your goals:

What is Press Release?

You can define press release as official announcement of your new product or services. Here you provide a written statement with vital information that media outlets like print, television and internet can create news out of it. It’s a great way to reach your target audiences. Unlike blog or article, press releases are more formal and generally accepted as the direct statement from the company. So, if you want authentic coverage for your business then press release can be your ticket.

What is technical Writing?

Technical writing is now defined as documentation of complex technical process broken down into easy, simple and consumable content. It can include pure technical information like user manuals, or reports for the industries like high-tech manufacturing, engineering, biotech, energy, aerospace, finance, IT, and global supply chain. Technical writing includes writing reports, emails, policy, briefs, and press releases. The goal of technical writing is to provide simplified and clear understanding of the complex subject matter.

Benefits of Press release for your Business

Press releases are still relevant and can help your business in many ways. It is one of the best ways to get the word out there. Press releases are formal statements that remain in the public domain and provide information to your target audiences. It also helps you stay in public eye and their mind. PR highlights the best points of your product or services, which can make your product standout and stay on top of the competition. It also helps in generating new leads by appealing to the target audiences. Branding is another benefit of PRs. Lastly the PRs are published in many sites, which can bring more traffic to your website.

Benefits of Technical Writing for your Business

For businesses in the technical industries such as software, machinery, engineering, energy etc, technical documentation is a way to reach larger audiences. While the developer may be comfortable writing for their peers, B2B and B2C communication requires different form of writing. Technical writers simplify the document so that everyone can understand them easily. For example, user manuals are prepared to provide detailed instructions on how to use the product. It’s one of the best ways businesses can provide information and support to the target audiences and build credibility, trust and profit.

Creating High Quality Content

Both press release and technical writing are ways to create high quality content for sharing. In the content marketing scenario, high quality content with detailed information on the product and services attracts more customers. Both the form of documentation requires immense research work and quality writing so that it can get accepted by a wide range of media outlets. People often look at the press releases for new information on products and technical documentation as a guideline to use the product. This way you can build a strong customer base.

Indexed by major search engines

Through technical writing and press releases, your website and content can get indexed by major search engines such as, Google, Yahoo and Bing. From the search engine point of view, you can gain by featuring Google News, Twitter, and the Press Release Wire website. This is one of the most effective digital marketing tactics that can work wonder for your business.

Approaching Technical and Press Release Writing

As mentioned above, both the form of documentation requires high quality content creation. For this purpose, you can do it yourself if you have the required knowledge and expertise. Or you can outsource the job to more suitable candidate or agency. The later is much better option as it will take pressure off you and leave you with more time for your business. You can rest assured that the quality of the content will be high, relevant to today’s demands and meet your expectations.


If you are a business or individuals offering products and services, don’t overlook the importance of press releases and technical documentations. They are both important and effective tool for digital marketing.

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