SEO Copywriting: How to Create Copy for Readers and the Google

The Ultimate SEO Copywriting Guide To Reach Your Goals Faster.

 SEO copywriting is an integral part of any SEO strategy.  Despite all the AdWords and paid SEO campaigns like PPC, content is the ultimate winner. Without providing quality content, your website cannot survive. When you focus on creating content that people are looking for, you can simplify your SEO strategy and see results that you want. .

Although, there is no particular rule that works when it comes to SEO copywriting, there are certain things that help make the content better and sellable. It is essential to create SEO-friendly content for your website, for your readers and provide them info they are looking for.

This article will discuss some of the essential things you need for your SEO copywriting strategy. These things really work when implemented in creating high quality content.

Understand What SEO Writing Is All About

Understanding what SEO writing is will help you in crafting a good copy. Search Engine Optimization is a technique of making the content relevant for the search engine so that your website can get better ranking in the search engine pages. Now, SEO copywriting task involves combining a great content and various SEO techniques. It’s about creating useful content for the readers using the relevant keywords, so that people can read and share them on social media platforms like the Facebook. It’s a method that can help you get better ranking in Search Engine like the Google.

Merely creating content isn’t enough. You have to make it marketable. Make it available to the readers. This can happen if you master the art of SEO copywriting.

SEO copywriting has many elements. These elements help in creating high quality content for the target audiences and make it relevant for the search engines as well.

Here are some of the SEO copywriting best practices:

  1. Write for the Search Engines – Keyword Research

When it’s says write for the search engine, it means write for the users. Search engines like the Google are working overtime trying to provide quality search results to its users. It’s essential that you fine-tune your website content to match those of the reader’s queries. The more relevant your content is the better.

Keyword search is an essential part of SEO copywriting. Keywords are the words that people use for finding information on the internet. Before you set out to write your content search the keywords people usually type in the search box relevant to your topic. SEO copywriting and Latent Semantic Indexing or the LSI keywords go hand-in-hand. While your main keyword focuses on your content, the LSI i.e. Latent Semantic Indexing provides you the chance to use alternative keywords that people are using for their searches. This also gives you the chance to reach more searchers.

Here is how you can do your keyword research for your SEO writing task:

  • Focus on Your Target Audience

When you are writing for your website, you must have a target audience. Suppose you are writing about cars. You target audiences would be anyone who owns a car, future buyer, car enthusiast and so on. You need keywords that target these people. For example: how to clean a car, how to maintain cars and similar type of keywords. You need to find out what are the requirements are. What are the information they are looking for.

  • Relevant to your blog or website

The keywords should always be relevant to your writing goals. What are you? What makes you different than others and what exactly you are trying to convey. Research keywords based on the topic you will be covering or have expertise in. Articles with targeted keywords get more visitors and hence help your blog or website rank well in the search engine pages.

  • Research Related Keywords or LSI

People search for same things but with different words. So it’s essential that you research the related keywords for your main keyword. One of the easiest ways to do the keyword research is type the keyword in the Google search. At the bottom of the search result page you will find many related keywords based on your search keys. These are called the LSI or Latent Semantic Indexing.

Here is an example:
  • Look for keywords with Better ranking

If you want to rank well for the SEO content, you will need to include those keywords that are ranking well. There are plenty of online tools for finding the keywords with high ranking in the search engine pages.  

  • Planning Your SEO Writing

Planning is the most essential part of the SEO writing. You need to create content on your website that are of high quality, easily readable and provides exactly what the readers want. For some writers, SEO writing comes easy while others have to work really hard for it.

Planning is one of the things that make writing easy. Planning includes:

  • Topic you want to write about
  • What are your goals for the article
  • Who is your target audiences
  • How you structure your content
  • Information you need to write your content
  • How many words you need to write

When you have these things in order, writing will become fairly easy. Structure of the content is the most important part. The structure ensures that the information you are sharing on your blog or website displays information for easy consumption by the readers.

Readers look for content that have headings and subheadings. Long articles do rank well in the Google search. But, it does not mean the readers read them all. Long form content means readers have the option of skimming the content. The subheading and bullet points make it easy for them to read and find information they are looking for. The structure of the article greatly depends on the kind of the content you are writing. How to articles look good when you have bullet points or short paragraphs with images to show how a particular thing is done.

So, choose a structure that best defines your topic you are sharing with your audiences. As you know SEO writing and LSI keywords go together, decide how you are going to use the keywords in your writing to make it look all natural and well structured.

  • Actually Writing the Content

When you are writing your SEO copy, it’s essential that you follow the structure for your writing. Any copy whether on paper or on digital media must have a few essential things:

  • Headline

According to independent studies, it was found that 8 out of 10 people will read your headline, but only 2 out of 10 will actually read your article or visit your page. This happens due to the headline. If your headline is great people will visit, if not, then the readers will not waste their time visiting the website. This means your article must have a strong headline. A simple rule for great headline is that it provides solution. Be specific and to the point. For example: 10 Workout Secrets For Women That Work.

  • Content

After the catchy headlines, the next rule in SEO writing book is the content itself. It is essential that your readers get their time’s worth of content. Provide them with the information they are looking for and the one that you promised in your headline. Don’t waste their time. Make sure the content matches their needs. In addition to that, use keywords phrases that the people actually type on the Google search engine. Make the content as relevant as possible.

  • Meta Descriptions

Meta descriptions are often underestimated. Even if it does not exactly help with the ranking, it does a great job of directing the readers/visitors to our page. So make sure that after you complete writing your SEO copy, you write a great Meta description. It should have the keywords and related phrases so that visitors can understand them better. But, if you combine the keywords and great description, Meta can help you get ranking in the search engine pages.

Look at this image:

Here the Meta descriptions have the Keyword in the title and in the description as well. This is a great example that shows that using keywords in the Meta description and optimizing your Meta can actually help your website rank well.

  • Using the keywords Wisely

Never make the mistake of not using the keywords in the required number or overusing it. You need make sure that keywords simply blend in with the content. The readers are not fools. If you spam the content with keyword stuffing you will be punished by both the readers and the Google of course. So make sure that you know how many times your keywords are featured in the content.

  • Optimize your Website

This has nothing to do with anything complicated. SEO writing greatly depend on how responsive your website is. It is essential that website is great looking and doesn’t take much time loading. If it takes more than a few seconds to load, you are going to lose visitors. So make sure that your website is well optimized.

  • Website Design

Did you know that the layout of your website decides how long your visitors will stay on it? It’s true. Websites that have a great layout and design have more visitors. This is a combination of great content and display. The Phrase: Don’t Judge a book by its cover” isn’t relevant when it comes to websites. You may have great content but if you want your visitors to come back again and again, make sure your website provides a personalize interface for the users.

bad vs good webpage design

  • Page Links

Page links are essential for making your website more relevant. The fact that the links are a way to find more information makes it even more relevant for your SEO writing. Share relevant links in your content so that readers can find more information. When you share high quality links in your website, you also establish yourself as a reliable and authentic source of information. So make sure you have it in your content.

  • Content Display

It is essential that you choose a great layout for displaying the content. You will find plenty of option in that regard. Make sure that images, info graphics or videos are well placed in the content and provide continuity rather than distraction. If you are using WordPress, you will find plenty of features and customization to work with. It is one of the robust CMSs in the world.

  • Ask for Feedbacks

One of the best ways to determine the effectiveness of your content is asking for feedbacks. Comments are very useful even the negatives ones. It will help you find out how relevant your content was for the readers. The next time you create content, you can use the points that were suggested and make your content more relevant.

  • Read and reply to comments if you want to build a long term relationship with your readers.
  • Answer questions in the comment section. It shows that you care. It is an essential part of your SEO writing technique.
  • Learn to indentify constructive criticism and unnecessary heckling.
  • SEO Copywriting is a Continuous Process

SEO writing is not a onetime thing. It is a continuous process. Everyday huge amount of content is uploaded on the internet. It is essential for a successful SEO copywriting that you stay current with the latest trends. Using the latest tools and techniques, make your content more relevant and stand out the crowd. In order to succeed in creating great SEO copy, you need to find new and innovative ways to make your content appealing to the people. Remember, the competition is high, so you need to maintain your competitive edge to stay on top of the competition.


SEO copywriting is an essential part of any website. While not everyone is great at it, with regular practice and over time anyone can improve and master the art of writing a great SEO copy.

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